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Share Your Insights and Expertise to Inspire, Empower Fellow Leaders


Within your Senior Executive Think Tank, peers frequently seek guidance on specific projects or career challenges in a private, constructive setting. Make your mark on your field as an advisor who frequently delivers expert insights in the community feed or as a mentor who supports the professional growth of individual connections.

Spark change in fellow members' organizations and careers by sharing actionable resources, revealing best practices, and leading collaborative discussions in intimate live events exclusively for Think Tank members.

Publishing Tools to Engage Broader Audiences

No matter your field, getting published is critical to your professional success. Publishing unique insights on compelling industry topics allows you to workshop your own ideas and messaging, build an audience of supporters and partners, and boost the visibility and credibility of your work – and your employer’s commitment to it.

Crafting high-quality, engaging content doesn’t always come naturally, and finding an audience for it – especially in smaller, emerging industries and disciplines – can be even tougher and more time-consuming.

Senior Executive Think Tanks make it easy for you to position yourself as a thought leader in your field, with a variety of regular opportunities to contribute individual insights on specific topics or to craft full-length industry forecasts that will appear on

Senior Executive Think Tanks’ user-friendly tools and veteran business editors bring your insights to life. Start demonstrating your expertise today!

Visibility Leads to More Clients, Partners


of C-suite executives will pay a premium to work with a company that publishes thought leadership over one that doesn't


of decision-makers report that consuming thought leadership improves their respect for an organization

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Become Known as an Expert in Your Field

Senior Executive Think Tanks offer myriad opportunities to publish your expert insights regularly to a high-quality audience of peers in your field, as well as to hundreds of thousands of executives and aspiring leaders across Senior Executive Media’s digital properties.

Drive positive change in your industry, while also establishing yourself as an engaging subject-matter expert and increasing visibility into your employer’s pioneering work in your field. As a Think Tank member, you’ll build credibility and authority in two ways:

  • Being published on, the go-to source of news and resources for executives in emerging industries and disciplines is an exclusive privilege.
  • Every published insight via a Senior Executive Think Tank represents a tangible asset – evidence of specific successes or viewpoints or, more broadly, of your transparent and forward-thinking mindset – to share with prospective collaborators, employees, clients, and investors.

Senior Executive Think Tanks offer multiple ways in which members can easily lead conversations and get published, including Expert Panels and Expert Forecasts.

Expert Panels

Expert Panels are a simple and easy way to get published regularly and to demonstrate your experience and expertise on trending topics within your field.

Every month, your Senior Executive Think Tank serves up timely, provocative questions tailored to your industry. Questions can typically be answered in three to five sentences – less time than it takes to compose a tweet!

Senior Executive Think Tank editors select and edit members’ answers to publish in roundup-style posts on that position each contributing member as a thoughtful subject-matter expert.


Expert Forecasts

Expert Forecasts help to brand you as a forward thinker with a deep understanding of trends shaping your field and an action plan to confront them.

Senior Executive Think Tank members can power full-length articles about specific areas of expertise without the costs and challenges associated with hiring a freelancer, ghostwriter, and/or PR team to craft and share insights that speak meaningfully to your peers. Simply share your answers to a variety of questions within our proprietary publishing platform, and our veteran thought-leadership editors will craft an engaging, authoritative forecast – bylined by you and to appear on upon your approval.

Powerful Publishing Platform at Your Fingertips

Even if you're a pro at communicating with your team and stakeholders across your organization, it can be a daunting task to write an authoritative and engaging article for a respected publisher with an audience of your peers. As a Senior Executive Think Tank member, you’ll follow a proven path to publishing your insights regularly. We support you every step of the way.

Virtual Event Series

Senior Executive Think Tanks host regular live events where you can lead and contribute to constructive exchanges of ideas with peers who seek your practical, inspiring ideas to overcome workplace challenges and tackle new initiatives. Think Tanks events are recorded and live on in our community platform, which means your insights can always engage and inspire new members at their convenience.


Member Badges and Executive Profiles

Being a member of a Senior Executive Think Tank affirms your stature as a difference-making leader in an emerging industry or discipline. Celebrate your membership in this invitation-only community by featuring your member badge in all your email signatures, on your employer’s website and social media profiles, and on your personal LinkedIn page.

Also, take advantage of your Senior Executive Think Tank executive profile page by customizing it with information about yourself and your employer. Your custom page will rank high in search results for your name and enhance your personal brand as an authority in your field. Prospective partners, clients, employees or employers will see your curated list of skills and areas of expertise, links to your social media profiles and your employer’s website, and Expert Panel roundups and Expert Forecast articles in which you’ve been featured on

Meet Your Editing Team

Senior Executive Think Tank editors bring a wealth of experience crafting and editing thought-leadership content for individual business leaders like you. They work closely with the journalists at to identify meaningful topics for Expert Panels and virtual events within the Think Tanks and to showcase members’ published insights across and social media. Your editors will ensure your submitted copy is polished for clarity and consistency, meets publishing guidelines, and delivers on its promise to engage and inform an audience of your peers.