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A Secret Weapon for Your Career: Build Your Skill Set, Your Workplace Toolkit, Your Professional Network, Your Brand


Membership and active engagement in a Senior Executive Think Tank can be your ticket to a prosperous and fulfilling career. You’ll discover new opportunities every day to enhance your skill set and your toolkit, demonstrate your prowess, and build a vast professional network. Celebrate your invitation-only role in a Senior Executive Think Tank on your resume, on your social media profiles, and in your email signatures to stand out in your next job search.

Your employer will benefit, too, from your participation in a Senior Executive Think Tank. Supporting and celebrating your pioneering work and leadership role as a Think Tank member is a great way for your employer to demonstrate its commitment to cutting-edge initiatives in your emerging field.

Actionable Insights

Starting a new workplace initiative? Struggling to achieve a particular KPI?

With all due respect to consultants and coaches, the most meaningful advice for leaders like you comes from, well, leaders like you. In your Senior Executive Think Tank, you’ll find a been-there-done-that audience of your peers, waiting to share tips, metrics, and resources to help you tackle nitty-gritty questions or massive new projects.

Think Tank members can post queries to the community feed to crowdsource solutions or seek out individual members with specific experience and expertise.


Unparalleled Networking

Imagine how much time and money you would have to invest to convene a two-day summit with your smartest peers to address your most pressing workplace challenges. With Senior Executive Think Tanks, you can get valuable answers every day to urgent business questions from a network you can trust – industry-specific advice from fellow decision-makers who are experiencing the same challenges, pain points, and successes that you are. Trade ideas and resources in group forums, direct messages, and live events.

The network you cultivate in a Senior Executive Think Tank will ensure every new initiative of yours is rooted in proven best practices and every new career jump is supported by influential peers.

Community Resources

Especially in an emerging industry or discipline such as yours, finding credible models of workplace assets that you need to develop in your role – job descriptions across your team, benchmarking data, departmental budget worksheets, and more – can be difficult. Senior Executive Think Tank members are generous with their resources, sharing documents and data to offer an unmatched professional “library” packed with actionable materials just for you and your peers. Discover best practices and time-saving efficiencies every time you need to build – or re-build – a piece of your professional foundation.


Virtual Events

Tackle timely topics specific to your field with peer decision-makers at regular virtual events hosted within your Senior Executive Think Tank. Each event is an opportunity for selected members to lead the conversation and demonstrate expertise as a panelist, engage and learn in real-time as an attendee, or study archived insights at your convenience after the event.

Start Publishing

No matter your field, getting published is critical to your professional growth. Publishing unique insights on compelling industry topics allows you to workshop your own ideas and messaging, build and engage an audience of supporters and partners, and boost the visibility and credibility of your work.

Crafting high-quality, engaging content doesn't always come naturally, and finding an audience for it – especially in smaller, emerging industries and disciplines – can be even tougher and more time-consuming. Senior Executive Think Tanks' user-friendly tools and veteran business editors bring your insights to life.