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A Visionary Leader with a Cross-Functional Approach: Kevin Walters's Journey with the DEI Think Tank




In recent years, diversity and inclusion have emerged, not just as buzzwords, but as crucial facets of any successful organization's strategy. The Senior Executive DEI Think Tank is privileged to have Kevin Walters, the former Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion Solutions at SilkRoad Technology, and CEO of Top DEI Consulting Company, among its members.

Kevin Walters is an accomplished and motivated DEI leader with a history of achievement in diversity recruitment and sourcing. His passion lies in talent acquisition management, recruitment, and sourcing, all of which are underscored by his mission to drive diversity and inclusion across organizations. His commitment to delivering impactful diversity initiatives that challenge the status quo is evident in every endeavor he undertakes.

At the heart of his journey, Kevin excels in helping companies attract, retain, and align people to meet and exceed their business goals. With his in-depth strategic talent acquisition management and strategic business expertise, Kevin creates custom diversity and inclusion solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of global corporations, fosters individual experiences for employees, enhances engagement, and drives quantifiable business outcomes.

Cross-Industry Collaboration

When asked about his journey in the Senior Executive DEI Think Tank, Kevin’s response demonstrates a multi-faceted approach to practicing DEI: “I was drawn to the DEI Think Tank because it brings DEI practitioners together from across industries and sectors; the cross-industry collaboration allows for a much larger impact than focusing on any one industry alone.” And while Kevin finds value in the cross-industry collaboration the DEI Think Tank offers, his presence in the Think Tank, in turn, provides immeasurable value to his fellow members.

Kevin’s influence within the DEI Think Tank has already sparked a wave of transformation, both within the community and his personal network. As he shares, “Since joining the community, I have seen an uptick in exposure and engagement across my social channels, particularly LinkedIn. My influential reach has grown incredibly, and I am able to share insights and resources with a wider audience, further advancing the mission of DEI.” This newfound recognition underscores the success of his approach and the meaningful impact he is fostering.

Fostering Community, Creating Impact

Kevin’s' work with the technology industry and within the Senior Executive DEI Think Tank stands as a testament to his dedication to diversity and inclusion. His contributions to the Think Tank have already increased the collective brain trust—from serving as a panelist in community-exclusive events to sharing his time and knowledge with other members to publishing his insights on His unique blend of expertise and cross-functional thinking continues to shape the community for the better.

If you are interested in exploring more and partnering with Kevin for strategic talent acquisition management, diversity-related learning, and development opportunities, please reach out to him directly at or via LinkedIn.


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