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A Leader, Educator, and Advocate: Karen Perham-Lippman's Journey in the DEI Think Tank




When it comes to advancing the mission of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), true success is not measured simply by the creativity of corporate initiatives and policies, but by whether or not those policies have a transformative impact on workplace culture, industry practices, and beyond. One of the leaders at the forefront of this movement is Karen Perham-Lippman, a dynamic and award-winning professional who serves as the DEI Director for Jensen Hughes. Karen’s journey in the industry and with the Senior Executive DEI Think Tank stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, continued learning, and an unwavering dedication to progress.

Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Jensen Hughes stands as a global beacon of excellence in the realm of safety and risk management. With a rich heritage dating back to 1939, their legacy in fire protection engineering is renowned worldwide. Today, Jensen Hughes proudly offers expertise across an array of closely related fields, from accessibility consulting to comprehensive risk and hazard analysis and more. It’s within this scope that Karen works to ensure that Jensen Hughes’ programs and initiatives take an inclusive approach. But Karen’s impact extends beyond her role as DEI Director. As a published author, adjunct professor, and Ph.D. candidate at Eastern University, Karen’s influence reaches far and wide.

A Journey of Collaboration and Continuous Learning

Karen's journey of joining the DEI Think Tank is a story of the power of collaboration. Karen was drawn to the Think Tank by the premise of being among fellow DEI leaders, each carrying their own unique insights and experiences, the opportunity to leverage shared knowledge and resources, and to shatter the illusion that one can or should be an expert in all things.

The DEI Think Tank's commitment to a vendor-free environment also resonated with Karen's values, as it allows her to engage in discussions and collaborations driven solely by the pursuit of knowledge and progress, rather than commercial interests. This unique setting has enabled her to swiftly obtain and provide answers, fostering an environment of growth and innovation.

A Vision for the Future

The results of Karen's involvement in the DEI Think Tank have been nothing short of remarkable. Through regular meetings with fellow members, she has space to explore innovative ways of approaching DEI work. These interactions have enabled her to find new and effective ways to talk about her organization's DEI efforts, magnifying their commitment to inclusivity.

Karen's achievements remind us that the path to a more inclusive future is paved with continuous learning, courageous conversations, and unwavering commitment. Through her work, Karen Perham-Lippman not only enriches her organization but the industry at large, contributing to a legacy of positive change that will impact generations to come.


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