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The Senior Executive DEI Think Tank is a criteria-based community for chief diversity officers and senior-level DEI leaders at large organizations to share difference-making tactics, trade valuable resources, and seek the counsel of experienced peers in a private, confidential setting.



Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a unique discipline with distinct challenges and opportunities. Our concierge team directly connects members with complementary skills to gain actionable insights and timely support for their most pressing concerns.



Shine a light on the programs and initiatives that are making a difference in your organization. Share your hard-earned insights with Senior Executive’s dedicated audience through exclusive publishing opportunities and influence leaders across industries to put DEI at the center of their businesses.



Discover and act on unique data and insights shared by Senior Executive reporters and Think Tank peers. Through virtual events and online forums, members of our community can constantly share their learnings and improve their organizations.

to Know

  • The average tenure of chief diversity officers is just 1.8 years
  • CDOs cite a lack of support & resources as one of the top reasons for leaving their position
  • Replacing a CDO costs more than dollars and cents—consider the impact on team morale, hiring efforts, public relations, and more.
  • Showcasing your organization’s DEI efforts is critical to attracting both workers and investors

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Our Commitment to DEI

Senior Executive Media is dedicated to helping chief diversity officers and DEI leaders make tangible advances in their mission-critical, challenging, and evolving work through our expert reporting and community building. We recognize the impact knowledge sharing, collective resources, and peer support have on moving the needle when it comes to DEI initiatives which, in turn, move organizations—and the world—forward.

Do You Qualify?

  • You’re a chief diversity officer or senior-level DEI leader at your organization
  • Your organization is made up of at least 1,000 full-time employees
  • You’ve been working in a DEI role for at least 3 years