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Criteria-Based Communities for

Difference-Making Executives in Emerging Disciplines and Industries

Senior Executive Media's Think Tanks are criteria-based professional organizations that bring together pioneering and collaborative leaders in emerging fields and markets to share best practices and actionable resources, make valuable connections, and boost your visibility.


Professional Communities for Senior Executives 

Prosper from your membership in a Senior Executive Think Tank in three valuable ways:



Join a Network of Your

Finding and maintaining relationships with peer executives who share your passion and expertise is critical to developing best practices. With Senior Executive Think Tanks, you can always find support in your career and answers to your most pressing leadership challenges from fellow decision-makers you can trust.



Share Proven-in-Practice Tactics

Make a name for yourself and support your peers by revealing actionable insights and needle-moving strategies in your work. Senior Executive Think Tanks provide opportunities to share your expertise in a private, constructive setting with fellow members and inspire a broader audience by publishing on



Collect New Knowledge, Skills, Resources

As a business leader, you know that constant professional development is critical to meeting and getting ahead of evolving workplace challenges. Senior Executive Think Tanks bring together the expertise and platform you need to fill in knowledge gaps, discover new tactics, and add real resources to your workplace toolkit.

Join members from companies such as:



“I was drawn to the DEI Think Tank because it brings together DEI practitioners from across industries and sectors; the cross-industry collaboration allows for a much larger impact than focusing on any one industry alone. Since joining the community, I’ve seen an uptick in exposure and engagement across my social channels, particularly LinkedIn. My reach has grown considerably and I’m able to share insights and resources with a wider audience, further advancing the critical mission of DEI.”
Kevin Walters
Kevin Walters
Sr. Director of Diversity & Inclusion, SilkRoad Technology
“As a lifelong learner, I was drawn to the idea of learning from and alongside other leaders. Admittedly, it can be a bit lonely working in DEI at times, so to be able to connect, strategize, and share resources with other practitioners has been fulfilling both personally and professionally.”
Kellie Sauls
Kellie Sauls
Director of Outreach, Culture and Engagement, Teacher Retirement System of Texas
"I really appreciate the opportunity to leverage the knowledge and resources of other DEI leaders because I’m just one person and no one person can be an expert in everything. And the vendor-free environment means I'm able to get and give answers more quickly. I've also been receiving recognition from my organization as my membership has brought visibility to the DEI work we’re doing, as well as the company as a whole, making us more attractive to job candidates and the public."
Karen Perham-Lippman
Karen Perham-Lippman
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Director, Jensen Hughes

Virtual Event Series

Senior Executive Think Tanks host regular live events where you can meet your peer executives face-to-face to share and learn insights and actionable ideas on mission-critical workplace topics. Moderated by the veteran business journalists leading, Think Tanks events provide opportunities for members to lead the conversation as a panelist, watch and learn in real-time as an attendee, or soak up the shared insights at your convenience after the event.


Exclusive Publishing Opportunities

Lead the conversation about trends and difference-making initiatives in your field as a regularly featured expert within articles on As a Senior Executive Think Tanks member, you can contribute to monthly Expert Panel roundups of member insights on specific topics and craft full-length Expert Forecast articles that showcase your deep subject-matter expertise.

Senior Executive Think Tanks


Boost Your Professional Profile With Member Badges

As an exclusive member of a Senior Executive Think Tank, you'll receive:

  • A custom illustrated headshot that you’ll be excited to use across all your professional profiles
  • Badges celebrating your exclusive status as a Senior Executive Think Tank member to use on social media profiles and email signatures
  • A customizable press release to announce your membership in a Senior Executive Think Tank
  • And more

It’s easy for you and your employer to share your Think Tank affiliation in honor of your pioneering work and collaborative spirit. Highlight your Think Tank membership on your organization's website, on your social media profiles, in your digital signatures, and elsewhere.

Trade Insights, Tactics, Resources

Making high-level connections in your field and getting savvy answers to pressing questions is easy in a Senior Executive Think Tank.

Every time you log in, you’ll see fresh, relevant content in your feed and discover peers interested in the same topics you are. Start a conversation by posting to the entire community or sending a direct message to individual members. Add your insights to existing threads, or comment on member-driven Expert Panel and Expert Forecast articles.


Connect One-on-One With Your Most Helpful Peers

Make connections on your own within a Senior Executive Think Tank, or enlist the help of our free concierge networking service to connect you with specific members who possess the exact experience and expertise you seek to tackle any urgent challenge.

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